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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  May 1, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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o owe oo >> lhello. good morning to you. it is wednesday may the 1st. it is time now for the 5@5:00. those are the top five stories making news at this hour. michigan police are looking for this man in connection with the kidnapping of jessica herrierin. he was seen driving away from a gas station on friday night. they saw a man acting strangely and flirting with her.
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hundreds gathering for a prayer vigil. >> for every one creep that is out there there's a thousand more. do this for this family and bring her home. >> he is described as being a heavy set man in his 30s or 40z with light brown hair. >> a tragic cargo plane crash near an air force in afghanistan. it left 7 americans dead. it shows the second right after the plane went down after takeoff. the boeing 747 was headed to due by. the pilot just got married and was expecting a baby. >> his wife of only two weeks they were married just two weeks ago. that's my brother brad. that's his wife robin. this is his step daughter olivia 11 and this is his daughter sloan is 2 and who you don't see here is the babe fwhooes on the
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way. >> the taliban claimed responsibility but nato says that is false. >> a girl as young as 15 years old can get the morning after pill can now get it without a prescription or permission from parents. they will sell the drug over the counter as long as they show proof of age that they are 15. >> brand new evidence against james everett justine the man who was charged with sending ricin laced letters to the president senator and a judge. he found the poison in his former martial arts studio. he's being held without a bond until a hearing tomorrow. >> russia is charging nasa 70 million per seat to send american astronauts to the international space station. america is paying $424 million
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more to renew the contract for flights and training for 6 astronauts. nasa's leader blaming congress for the extra expense saying lawmakers should have approved the agency's request for new funding. this morning more red flags about the boston marathon bombers. saudi officials gave the united states a written warning about tamerlan tsarnaev months before the attack. >> good morning. we are hearing now the uncle of the bombing suspects has reached out to the islamic society of boston cambridge mosque to set up a funeral for tamerlan tsarnaev. any plans or arrange ams are on hold right now because the
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medical examiner here still has tamerlan's body and they will keep his body until his wife katherine russell either comes and gets it or waves her legal right to do so. we are told at this point she hasn't reached out at all. they have not heard from tamerlan's wife katherine russell so far. so the investigation continues. as inspectors general intelligence agencies across the country are still trying to figure out if they failed president obama is saying now that the system worked that the fbi did interview tamer mlan bu they had no evidence he was extreme. >> the question was there something that happened that triggered radicalization an actual decision by the before to engage in the attack -- the tragic attack we saw in boston. are there things additional things that could have been done in that interim that might have
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prevented them. >> we are getting now some more specific details about the government help, tamerlan got to go to community college more than $5,500 over a year and a half at buj bunkerhill communit college he received 2,532 in pell grant 1100 in cash access grant, $282 in tuition waivers $400 in part-time grants over at mass bay community college he received 1,000 dollars in federal college work study funds and $246s in federal pell grant funds. so it's now been two weeks and two-days since the bombing that took place two blocks behind me. >> the government paying for it's college and welfare for its attorneys now.
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>> this was for the brother who is deceased. >> still part of the same family. we first told you about the whistleblowers that are being threatened to stay silent about what they knew about the benghazi terror attacks. nearly half of the polls believe the administration is covering up what happens there. president obama says he has no knowledge of any intimidation. we covered the story yesterday, what's new today. >> amid the reports the obama administration and state department had the ability to act and respond to the attacks on the u.s. embassy 8 months ago in benghazi. the president claiming during a press conference he is quote not familiar with benghazi whistleblower intimidation claims or any evidence that lawyers are preventing them may have requested security clearances to review classified
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materials. >> there are people in your own state department saying they have been blocked in coming forward they survived the terror attack and they want to tell the story. will you help them come forward once and for all? >> i don't know about a notion anybody has been blocked from testifying. what i will do is find out what exactly you are referring to>> attorneys say they have been blocked. >> fox news reported there were threats following the attacks if they released new information to congress members. chairman of the how thes government reform committee wrote a letter in april saying attorneys representing department personnel will require clearance to express top
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secret information. attorney also need that approval in order to deal with that information. ten-days laitier still no reply. four americans including u.s. ambassador to libya stevens were killed in that terrorist attack on september 11th. the investigation into the attack it bes but right now no perpetrator has been brought to justice yet. >> thank you so much. almost 8 months ago. the president said he was quote not familiar with tabout the la and gentlemened threats against whistle blowers. >> charles krauthammer telling bret baier he is skeptical of the president's response. >> he hadn't heard about it nobody in the white house had heard about it. nobody at the white house had access to fox news. this is slightly incredible. and it's rather weak response to the preside from the president.
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he knew he would be calling on ed henry as the first question because of his role in the white house correspondence association. he knew that fox or staff knew that fox had broken the story spent a lot of effort on the story and time on the story last night and he pretends he never heard of it call me skeptical. >> you will be hearing a whole lot about that today. >> extreme weather kicking colorado off to the month of may. no comment in there. >> temperatures near record lows. keep in mind this is may 1st. >> we are talking significant snow possible from the storm system. denver could see about 6 inches of it. significant may form we know ter like weather across parts of colorado even into portions of the upper great lakes as we head in. high temperatures there is cold air behind the storm system. denver high temperatures today
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could be 33 degrees as we head into the nighttime hours tonight even into thursday night across parts of the plains it should be holding up in the air that we could see the snowfall. how cold will the ground be? it will be forecast accumulations still tricky out here. we have heavy rain across minnesota, wisconsin. again some of you could be seeing 7 numbers mentd nsnowfal accumulations. some areas could be picking up a foot of snow. southeastern minnesota and wisconsin. the big question is how much is going to stick? >> you will keep us posted on that. >> thank you so much maria.
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>> you might have a hard time tracking down flicks. >> how many? >> about 1800. we are pushing closer to 2,000. maybe more. that starts today. netflix will now be screening 1800 movies. it lost a license with mgm. they won't be able to watch james bond class ticks alfie. this could be a sign of things to come for netflix. the ceo recently said he would let a show with via tech lax vh1 could disappear. they lost contacts in the past they lost their licensing deal with stars last year. netflix is getting 500
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additional titles today. they let some deals expire and bring in the movies. it's about the right program. >> there are so many ways to get movies these days. >> what about wedding costs? i understand wedding costs are going up. >> it's wedding season. we have bin vieted to one plus weddings, right? couples expect to spend money on their own weddings. the cost of attending another person's wedding is also on the rise. you are not going to believe these numbers. according to american express guests expect to spend is up a whopping 200 from last year. that's because the economy is up. if you are in the bridal party they said $577. we have been brides maids before.
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it's more than that always. the trends they are noticing a lot of people send a gift and not go to the wedding. >> if you are a bridesmaid you have to buy the awful dress anyway. >> and do the bachelorette party. >> obama care supposed to provide all americans with healthcare. why do people not know it exists? >> stuck between a rock and a hard place. he tries to cross the border but it doesn't go as planned. ♪
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the new american is arriving.
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>> a former navy seal coming on top for the senate seat. gabriel gomez is his name
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winning a 3 way race. democratic congressman june 25th. a startling new report about brown. consumer reports say 90 percent of it is contaminated with one or more types of antibiotic resistant bacteria including e coli, mir saw a mrsa and salmon. this sketch of a possible suspect in the kidnapping of the mom jessica heeringa. this man was seen driving away from the gats station at the time she disappeared. nicole joins us live from norton shores with the latest. >> in a case with such little physical evidence it is the man people have been describing seen
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there. it is that guy that is between 30, 40 years of age of having a medium to larger build light brown sandy lonned hair wavy parted down the middle a little longer on top possibly wearing a bright orange or red sweatshirt. it was the person seen around the gas station drive that go minivan. it was a nearby bar that caught the video any tips are welcome and police can't stress how much they are going on these dips. live in norton shores in michigan for fox 17 news. it is now 18 after the top of the hour. coming up next on the rundown
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>> welcome back. 22 after the hour. a suspected illegal immigrant caught trying to sneak into the u.s. in mexico when he became tangled up in bashrbed wire.
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it took them an hour to cut him lose after he was arrested by the border patrol. they will send lethal weapons to syria. they admitted there are talks about armor and night vision goggles. calls for the u.s. to take action in syria amid mounting evidence the government use chemical weapons on its own people. a brand new study showings more than 4 in 10 americans don't know that obama care exists. president obama says he's not surprised there has been hiccups. >> even if we do everything perfectly there will be glitches and bumps and stories that will be written. things aren't working the way it's supposed to and this happened and that happened. that is pretty much true of every government program ever set up. >> it has been more than 3 years since president obama signed
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obama care into law and we are still trying to figure it out. >> hollywood a lists rubbed elbows with the washington elite over the weekend. >> jessie waters walked the red carpet to ask a question about media bias. here are some of the responses he had. bl listen to this. >> you think there's bias in the press at all? >> i have no idea. i don't know. >> no, bias? >> i think the weather channel goes right down the middle about what the forecast is. >> what do you think? >> i think it's a little left. >> i don't care i am going to go right. >> do i think there's bias in the media? >> you think over all of the media it tilts a little liberal? >> this is just like a stupid exercise. are there people who work at all who are bias? absolutely. i think bias as a whole that's just dumb. >> you seem a little angry.
2:25 am
>> i am not angry i think it's silly. >> you still look angry. >> do you think there's bias in the mainstream press? >> yeah, i am bias toward claire. >> i was hoping you would do a little better than that. >> oh god really. >> this is what you want to know. >> i think because of the question you are asking me they are more timid. >> i think fox sometimes puts forth the notion there are two sides to every story, i agree with that. i think there's bias every where. >> i am leaving. >> very quickly. they answer it fast and get out of there. >> florida schools going to a lawsuit. they are allowing atheists to hand out pamphlets on national
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prayer day. >> a motorcyclist doesn't wait. >> tell you what happens.
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>> goods morning to you. welcome to "fox & friends
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first". >> police releasing a sketch of a possible suspect in the kidnapping of michigan mother jessica heeringa. he was seen driving a silver mini van around the time that a young mom was taken from a gas station her workplace. hundreds gathered at a prayer vigil for jessica. >> you know she didn't leave. this wasn't her walking away. this was somebody who knew her and somebody who took her away. >> a father now speaking out after he says a son was slaped by a school security officer. tony bows mab says his 6-year-old son is a special needs student and has behavior problems. >> he has his struggles but what 6-year-old kid doesn't?
2:31 am
i am angry they didn't tell either me or my wife my son had been assaulted. >> they put the security officer on paid administrative leave while both school and the police investigate. >> should atheists be able to hand out materials at schools. a christian group handed out bibles to students and now the atheist students are saying they should have the same rights. >> this is all about equality. if people are going to say they don't want ooit iest materials here they shouldn't want christian materials here. the freedom from religion claims it isn't trying to avoid atheists. >> a motorcyclest knocking two men off of their bikes. this is off of los angeles.
2:32 am
the motorcyclist took the turn way too wide causing the crash. no one was hurt. >> how was that caught on camera. that's interesting. have you ever gotten a ticket and given an excuse. number 5, i am having an emergency situation in my car. followed by everyone else is doing it. i didn't know it was broken. i am lost and unfamiliar with these roads. number one excuse, i couldn't see the sign. i think i might have said that once or twice. >> i think you get out of all of your tickets lady. >> those are your 5@5:30. more red flags are being raised about the boston bomber. now unconfirmed reports surfaced that saudi arabian officials gave the united states a written heads up about tamerlan ser ntsv
2:33 am
months before the attacks happened. this is what the government knew about the suspects prior to the attacks. he thinks the intelligence system actually worked. peter boos sees live with the latest. hi there, peter. >> hi heather. it has been two weeks since the older bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev was killed nobody claimed his body yet. we learned his uncle has contacted a mosque in cambridge massachusetts about possibly setting up a funeral. all plans for arrange ams are on hold because the wife hasn't claimed the body and still has not waived her right to claim the body. we are told by the medical examiner's office that they haven't heard a word from her. remember her husband is dead. his younger brother is at a
2:34 am
medical center 40 miles away and inspectors generals now at intelligence agency are doing a system wide review to figure out what they missed if anything. it looks to him like the fbi and homeland security performed their duties the right way. fbi interviewed tamerlan and had no excuse he was extreme and said this is hard stuff. >> the question is was there something that triggered radicalization and an actual decision by the brother to engage in the tragic attack we saw in boston and are there additional things that could have been done in that interim that might have prevented them. >> gerting specific details about the help he got to go to community college about $5,500 over a year and a half including
2:35 am
bunkerhill community college 2500 in pell grants and just kind of a sign that people are trying to get back to normal here and net let the terrorists win. those who didn't finish the race went down and crossed the pfinih line. president obama telling fox news he has no knowledge of potential wiles blowers of the benghazi terror attacks. it comes as four employees say they are threatened to stay silent. fox news polls show nearly half of the apps believe there is a cover up about what happened. doug luzader is live in washington with more on this. >> nas nating doug. what can you tell us? >> a second term supposed to be dominated by domestic issues a immersed by foreign policy.
2:36 am
the benghazi investigation is going to heat up again next week as congress dives in next week. after a press confer ren yesterday the president quickly was con vontfronted by this sub. evidences not aware members of congress has been trying for months to gain access to state department employees who may know more about security failures in the attack that killed four americans. fleem at the state department one at the cia are considering coming forward as potential whistleblowers. >> i am not familiar with this notion that anybody has been blocked from testifying. i will find out what exactly you are referring to. >> they pressed for information about events leading up to the attack as well as u.s. response.
2:37 am
>> i think what we are going to find out next week is this effort to delay and hide has been going on since shortly after benghazi. this is not a new phenomenon. >> there are other considerations here. is the administration covering up what happened in benghazi? 46 percent say yes. clearly a skeptical public as the investigation moves forward. >> doug luzader live. >> good story on the web site. extreme weather to tell you about on the first day of may no less colorado getting hit with another winter storm. >> you can't see the maple because of all of the snow. >> good to see you. good morning everyone. we are talking winter weather
2:38 am
across places like nebraska and colorado. we have powerful storm system pulling in air from canada on southward. that's where we are seeing a lot of this rain transitioning to snow. as which head on later today and tonight heads up across central parts of texas and across the state of oklahoma. this is going to be tough as far as accumulations because the ground itself may not be cold enough to see a lot of accumulation. the air will be cold enough to see winter weather out here. some of you across southeastern minnesota northern parts of w wisconsin could be seeing a foot. >> thank you so much maria. bye-bye twirn. go away. >> time to entertain this. a member of the cardian clan is being sued. a female photographer says a
2:39 am
cardian stole her camera card as he snapped photos of him outside of los angeles. >> returning to american idol. she is going to perform on the finale this month also rumors producers are still trying to get her back at the judge's table next season. >> actress kerry fisher saying she will repride her role as princess lia in star wars. disney is sending a personal trarn to her house so she can get in top shape. >> chew we, come here. >> princess leia. >> all right. speaking of star wars you don't want to miss the live interview with chewbacca. >> did i say that right? >> how do i know this? 20 mints before the hour.
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>> a florida man wrestles a alligator all by himself. the deputy wrangled that animal with a rope from his druntrunk. a dangerous trend, a drug the active ingredient in ambian. up 220 percent in five-years and 68 percent of the patients were women. in the fda required it to be cut in half. >> reach for an energy drink or cup of coffee you are not alone. we told you about the growing number of foods and drinks that have added caffeine. we also warned you those things weren't regulated by the fda but now that could change. medical . they are not regulated by them currently but what is prompting
2:45 am
the fbi this time? >> there has been 92 cases of death and also hospitalization and emergency room visits and even though they can't say directly because of a result of this fda is finally coming in. since 1950 when they put it in coca-cola but now energy drinks and gums, it is a health hazard. >> good thirng finally looking at this. we are talking about drinks as well as these other things. there is caffeine in everything nowadays. >> potato chips. >> everything. you can go through a lot of these during the day. the cumulative amount of caffeine is dangerous.
2:46 am
>> do people try to figure it out and add it up on their own? >> the first thing they need to do is sfiend out exactly put another label how much caffeine you are getting in. is tun to 200 milligrams a day. especially for children and pregnant women take these and think they are okay. but there's a lot of cardiac issues that people have to be aware of. >> this is a huge business over $2.4 billion. people have to be careful about how much they are taking. i am a huge advocate of coffee. it saab soeshs through some of the some mtomach. this goes through the mucosa. >> just like a drug. >> it is true the caffeine is a
2:47 am
drug. you have to be careful. >> you have to be cautious about these things. >> dr. david sim mooti. >> we told you about a school that wouldn't allow this airman to escort his sister to prom. image that. we have a major update to tell you about. >> do you rank your dates with your friends? there's an app so you can date great men for real. first check in with brian kilmeade on fox and friends. good thing that wasn't around when you were recording your wife. >> i am not sure i would have gotten 99 percent. i ended up getting a home run in the long run. i have to tell you what's coming up at the top of the hour. dr. travis door comes here to talk about thaefrg has to do with your health.
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>> 9 minutes before the hour. here's a look at headlines for you. an update on the story we told you about yesterday. a high school now apologizing to the airman who was not allowed to escort his little sister to the prom because he was too old. he was just 22.
2:52 am
the principal said he never meant to disrespect casey. the school board is now looking into changing its policy. good thing there. policeman caught on camera. a stolen van in los angeles. the guy still takes off then. he slipped whieflz running away after his tiress were flattened. officers didn't awaste any time arresting that guy. >> you think he's cute but you want to know if he is really the charmer that he appears to be. enter lulu the first data base by women. >> on-line reviews. they are all over the internet. a random system from everything
2:53 am
from electronics to restaurants to hotels and now men. >> lulu is a girl's only app built for private reviews and recommendations for guys in your life. she says in a world full of frogs this app helps ladies narrow down their search for a prince. >> you meet a guy want to know more about him go to lulu search his name see what people may have written about him. >> everything from looks sense of humor vision and of course how he treats his women. >> how do you find someone you can connect with and it's reliable and trust worthy. >> michelle mirl says that's where this app comes in handy. >> this it goes nice to get the community. >> they are calling this app
2:54 am
cyber bullying. he assures us they have certain things in place to stop cruel commenting. >> it's not the prestyle format we create specific formats that is quiz based and multiple choice based. it prevents any distasteful comments you made that could hurt someone or a bullying environment. >> as for guys on the street mixed reviews. >> you can't always trust their description of you. >> i think it is a great idea. >> this girl only app has had to turn away tens of thousands of meddling men. there's a spot for you on lulu, too. they want to know am i there? are the girls talking about me? if they are how do i influence my scores.
2:55 am
>> it's a reputation management tool for guys. >> i love it. >> holding men accountable. it is 6 minutes until the top of the hour. still a couple lessons on what not to do. >> trying to gas and ditch. you may want to leave your girlfriend behind here. both landing in the good, bad and the ugly. we will talk about that. oh, no, no, no...i'm sorry, but this is all wrong? i would never say that. writer: well what would you say? gecko: well i'd probably emphasize the savings. ya know...lose that green with envy bit. rubbish. it's just a reference about my complexion. :
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>> a couple of minutes before the hour. here's a look at what's going on before you leave the house this morning. police looking for this man, a possible suspect in the michigan kidnapping case of the young mom, jessica heeringa. the wife of the dead bombing suspect announced it will release his body. his family will claim it from the medical examiner's office in massachusetts. >> colorado and the midwest bracing for snow today, the first day of may. that area could get up to six inches and temperatures will be near record lows. >> time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. the dog showing off his break-dancing skills. a golden retriever puts three paws together and uses the fourth one to spin around. next the bad. this man in australia trying to drive off while his girlfriend pumping gas.
3:00 am
the couple gets away. finally the ugly. a police officer shook up after his car goes up a light pole on elvis presley boulevard in memphis. the car was chasing down another driver when he lost control. the officer was not hurt. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good one. >>gretchen: good morning. today is wednesday, may 1 already. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your day today. >> russia's warning about the bomb brothers not the only red flag missed. this morning word that the saudis wrote in black and white. what happened to that information? >>steve: good question. great idea to outsource our space program to russia. guess what? now they're letting us have it and we're paying a lot more. wasn't gutting the space program supposed to save money? >>brian: will the real


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